Monday, 17 September 2018

Whale-fest and Gannet Log Party

Mega YCN Whale and Seabird trip out of Staithes on Saturday.22+ Minke Whales gave numerous encounters over the course of the day, sometimes coming very close. At times we were surrounded by the sound of their explosive breaths as they surfaced, and the stinky smell of cabbage drifted across the sea (Minke breath is gross!). One young whale hung out with our drifting boat, at one point swimming straight under the hull much to our clients' delight. Seabirds were good too, with 6+ Bonxies, a dozen Manx Shearwaters, Arctic Skua, 10 Puffins and plenty of common stuff. Two weird things happened. Firstly, we came across a drifting log that had clearly fallen off a boat fairly recently. This had attracted a gang of Gannets who were clambering about on it, falling off, cackling hysterically and seemingly having a great time. Later, a cry of  'dolphin' went up and to my surprise, not a dolphin but a Harbour Porpoise leaping clear out of the water - not the usual behaviour! What was more remarkable was that there was over 15 individuals in this super pod, leaping around, chasing each other and coming alongside the boat. I have never seen porpoises behave like this, they are usually in twos and threes and rather shy of the boat. Never stop learning! The season is ending soon and there may still be some places left, so check out the Yorkshire Coast Nature website soon if you fancy seeing whales off the Yorkshire coast. It really is ace!

 The shot I have always wanted - Minke Whale with Staithes in the background.

Fulmar, a regularly seen seabird, but the light looked cool on this one.


Gannet log party. Unbelievable scenes!

Juvenile Bonxie on the prowl.

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