Saturday 4 April 2020

Lockdown Birding: Skywatcher

With winds going southerly, birds are moving. Apart from a short dog walk, lockdown means I can't go birding, so I grabbed my bins, scope and a chair and took up residence for a few hours in my son's bedroom. The window faces east out over the estate and to the River Ouse beyond, running north to south, or left to right as I look at it. I have a good vista, so the plan is to sit and wait, and see what flies past....I will update this blog as I go.

My view...a high boredom threshold and eternal optimism helps!

Bishopthorpe Skywatch from 12.05 to 17.05 (only birds of interest noted)

Common Buzzard - local birds are soaring about as usual. Good markers for something bigger, or different.
Herring Gull - several birds tracking north along the course of the river
Lesser Black-backed Gull - several adults seen heading north and south.
Fieldfare - c80 flew north at 12.30pm. c30 flew northwest at 13.00.
Red Kite - 1 to the southeast at 13.10.
Sparrowhawk - two individuals seen
Kestrel - pair seen over edge of village to the south.
Common Snipe - pair flew southwest at 14.36 with another west at 15.28. Garden tick!
MARSH HARRIER! - Female-type flew steadily south along the river at 13.10!! First for garden list.
Skylark - one singing over ings to the east early afternoon
Reed Bunting - one male flew west over house - didn't appear in the back garden, sadly.
House Martin - first of the year flew west at 15.50.

Lesser Black-back. Not easy phonescoping flying birds!

Cormorant. One of five seen. The only one I managed to get a pic of!

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