Saturday, 18 April 2020

Please leave me alone!

Now is the season for baby birds to be bouncing out of their nests into our back gardens.

I am frequently asked for advice on what to do with the baby Blackbird/Song Thrush/Robin/House Sparrow that has been found by a well-meaning friend or member of the public.

My answer is always the same: If it is not in immediate danger, please leave it alone! 

Unless next door's cat, your dog, or a passing car is about to take it out, then it is more than capable of survival, and the best chance it's got is if it is left alone and supported by its parents.

This is also true of Tawny Owl chicks. These adventurous little cuties are starting to climb out of their nest holes now and explore the branches nearby. This can lead to tumbles on to the floor. Usually, they survive the fall and are capable of clambering back up the tree trunk to safety. So again, please leave them alone unless they are in peril.

If a bird is in danger, just move it a short way to cover, scare away the local prowling moggy and then step back. This will give the youngster the best chance of survival. Thank you!

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