Sunday 1 November 2020

Fields of Gold

Had two sessions at Elvington looking through a flock of Golden Plovers today. Only a third of the flock of 750 was present and I failed to find anything interesting among them, although it was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. As usual, a few dinky, grey or partially summer-plumaged individuals elevated my pulse briefly, but sadly all proved to be Euro Goldies on a closer look. A brief spell at Bank Island late morning yielded eleven Whooper Swans flying south, a stonking juvenile female Peregrine that came incredibly close to the hide and 52 Pintails, among a couple of hundred Wigeon and Teal. With lockdown #2 starting Thursday, not sure when I will be back.

 Many of the Pintails were still moulting, but there was one handsome drake among them. 

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