Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Northbound Whoopers

The first party of northbound Whooper Swans paused at Acaster Church Ings yesterday. Made up of four adults and four juveniles - presumably two families - these birds are likely to have spent the winter on the Ouse Washes in Cambridgeshire/Norfolk and are now making their spring journey back up to Iceland. Rising spring temperatures seems to be their cue to leave their wintering grounds, with most birds dropping in during mid- March. In recent days, we've had a plume of warm southerly air which has clearly got our Icelandic visitors itching to get home!

Meanwhile, in our little garden pond, at least 16 Frogs have made an appearance turning the usually calm waters into a bubbling, swirling sex-fest. A Starling pair has taken up residence in the nestbox I put up a couple of years ago on our next door neighbour's house. 

Meanwhile #2, the Bullfinch pair have been back on the feeders this morning. I think they feel sunflower hearts are junk food, so only pop in every now and again for a bit of a treat.

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