Saturday, 11 June 2022


Great to spend some time watching Black-winged Stilts on Monday. The whiter-headed female spent her time hunkered down on her nest, whilst the male fed around the lagoon. A really handsome and statuesque bird, the male showed really well, preening for a period at close range. A deep amber eye was noted, along with his long, elegant black wings and needle-fine black bill. 

I hope this pair manages to hatch their eggs and raise their young, without attracting the attention of predators. Families of Lapwing and Oystercatcher nearby, gave me hope of a positive outcome. 

Watching these stilts reminded me of the trip I made with my Dad and John down to Holme Dunes, Norfolk, back in 1987, to see the pair that had nested. When we arrived the pair were escorting two tiny chicks around the lagoon. I am sure John would have enjoyed seeing this pair, some 35 years later. I will take my Dad once he is a bit more mobile. 

Also seen, a sleepy drake Garganey, Common Tern and three well-grown Fox cubs. gambolling along the back of the lagoon. 


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