Thursday 18 May 2023

Behold, the Duke!


A trip up to the north of the York area, to look for scarce woodland birds such as Wood Warbler and Pied Flycatcher. Sadly, I couldn't find either of these at Yearsley Woods, but did find a Spotted Flycatcher (pic below) several Tree Pipits (pic above; which seem to be enjoying the new clear-fell), a couple of Redstarts and plenty of Crossbills and Siskins. I headed up to Birch Wood YWT and again drew a blank on Wood Warblers and Pied Flys, both of which I've seen here in recent years. 


Despite the dreary skies it seemed warm, so I popped across to a known Duke of Burgundy site. A Cuckoo greeted my arrival and I headed to the spot and a dapper little Duke immediately flew past and alighted on a vivid green Bracken frond. With efforts from Butterfly Conservation, these small butterflies seem to be doing well in the vicinity and it was pleasing to see a couple flitting about the Bracken and Cowslips.

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