Saturday 6 September 2008

Manx magic

Whilst Willow waded in the water on the approach to Dudney Hide this morning, I thought I would take the time to have a scan over the res to the east. A few Black Terns dipped and swerved over the water. Suddenly in the background a white cross with black wing edges arced up over the waves - A Manx Shearwater! Fab! I have seen a few at Grafham Water before, but this is the first I have found. The bird settled among the waves out towards Church Hill. I put the news out immediately.
I dragged a soaking Willow back home and shot round to Church Hill where I met Owen and Monica Marks, David and Anne Hollin and Colin Addington, all of whom had had close views of the shearwater. Shortly, the bird flew past us, providing much closer views than I had had earlier. It landed off Mander.
Owen called a Common Swift with the hirundines overhead. I then went for a look at the south end of the dam and Plummer to try and dig out a phalarope blown in by the blustery wind, but without success.
A good start to the weekend!

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