Tuesday 16 December 2008

Day off - hurrah. Murky misty crap - boooo!

Quick scan through the murk on the dam revealed the GND lurking near the tower, the Black-necked Grebe frantically diving around the south end of the dam, and the usual Red-necked Grebe hiding in the distance off Plummer. The Water Pip obligingly flew past me calling and landed on the shore. Otherwise shed loads of big gulls chasing the Cormorants for their breakfast and loads of scarce and rare stuff hidden in the fog.

A quick dip at Tesco where the berries were not tempting Waxwings, then on to Coveney where the Rough-legged Buzzard heaved over the car shortly after arrival, before doing some text book hovering, showing off her gleaming white backside. She then was escorted north towards Little Downham where I lost her amongst the gloom.
I then dipped on the Tundra Beans at Waterbeach. In fact, I dipped on all 300 geese! There was not a single one to be seen.
Back to The Mighty GW for a quick look at the gulls which revealed the usual nada.

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