Tuesday 16 December 2008

Padzy Pea produces proper plop

Ok, so while I was away, Adelaide *Padzy Pea* decided that she would start eating solid food. So, this is great, obviously, but what it means is that the nappy full of creamy yellow, fragrant poop has been exchanged for proper brown Glasgow station toilet smelling human dump. Yikes! I thought facing a jasmine-tinted piccallily fest was hard at 5 in the morning, but waking up to one of these baby wonders, is pure terror! I am doing my best to make myself scarce around nappy time, and have perfected the blocked nose, so that I can never smell that she needs her nappy changing if asked.

What exacerbates this problem is that Adz has decided that when put on her back she will pretend to be a fish and flap her legs wildly, try and grab between her legs and consequently, unless you are equipped with 1. Lighting reactions, 2. Four arms, 3. a snorkel, you, baby and the nursery rapidly get a covering of aforementioned slurry.


She is cute though and I am sure that makes up for it!!

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