Thursday 5 February 2009

Snow Patrol

Woke up to tonnes of snow in Perry - fab! Road through Perry was a complete no-go til mid-afternoon, so a day off work - ace! Cleared a patch of snow from the back lawn and put a load of apples out. Later, we had four Fieldfares, two Mistle Thrushes and up to 16 (!) Blackbirds all feeding on them. The patch of grass was only about 10 foot square, so really impressive. A few scraps ensued, but not too bad considering how territorial these birds usually are. The Migz didn't really chase anything off at all. Two Snipe flying low over the gardens was a house tick and suggested they had been frozen out of a nearby ditch, or maybe the lagoons, where later Willow and me found these two sitting forlornly on the ice with some bedraggled Lapwings:

Here is one of the Migz that stayed still for a photo, and a few of Perry first thing - winter wonderland or what?!

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