Monday 2 February 2009

Thrush-tastic snow!

Woke up a bit disappointed as the whole of the UK seemed to be under a blanket of snow, whereas we had just had a sprinkle. Pathetic! After lunch the skies darkened and at last it began to snow proper. Immediately there was lots of bird activity in the back garden, and I bunged a quartered cooking apple out on the lawn along with a few scraps. Within a few minutes a pair of Mistle Thrushes arrived among the local Blackbirds and later a cracking Fieldfare. I then got into trouble with the Mrs, as the apple was supposed to be for Adelaide's pudding. Oops! I am sure the birds needed it more. Went for a scamper round the lagoons. Adelaide was so excited by the snow that she fell asleep after a screaming fit. Willow managed to dig out a manky dead rabbit from under the snow and we all had a lovely time. Crunchy-snow-tastic!

The three girls in the lagoons
Mistle Thrush


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