Saturday 21 March 2009


A bright sunny morning and for no apparent reason I decided to take Willow the other way round the field opposite our house. Two minutes later I heard the familiar call of a Grey Partridge. Fantastic. This species is pretty rare round Grafham. I heard one in this field this time last year, but failed to find it. Anyway, shortly the calling turned into an alarm call, possibly due to Willow's presence and I picked up a pair of these smart birds legging it through the grass. They ran virtually the entire width of the field towards the road. I walked round the back when unbelievably another male started calling from the other field to the east. He was answered by a bird over near the road. I saw him running back through the grass. However, if this was the original male, he had lost his mate. Was there four birds? I guess maybe only three. Still a fantastic sight in the morning sunshine and a great way to start the day. Little else of note in a quick look in Valley Creek and off Mander.

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