Saturday 21 March 2009

Whitlingham Lane North - 'Thorpe Marsh'

After a quick look at a new place to live in Norwich on Yarmouth Road, drove through a roadblock in order to get down the north side of Whitlingham Lane. At the bottom I climbed over a footbridge (should have used the steps) and I was delighted to find Thorpe Marsh to be a large expanse of water, shingle and mud islands and berms and loads of reedswamp, marsh and willow scrub. Awesome! About the first bird I noted was a Cetti's Warbler singing from the scrub nearby. A quick walk before heading back to work revealed Oyk, Lapwing, a big gang of gulls (sadly no scope with me), a few Tufties and Gadwall. This place looks like it has loads of potential and is on the other side of the river to the dog-walker-infested country park, so hopefully is a bit quieter.
New local patch material? Definitely!!

My first views of Thorpe Marsh.

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