Sunday 20 September 2009

Carrots, Cuckoos and Orchards

So, we are finally here in Norfolk. Well, we have been now since May 1st, but life has been so chaotic that I haven't had chance to pick up where I left off on the blog front. Birding-wise, I did Thorpe Marshes/Station Marsh/Whitlingham area of Norwich until mid-August when we moved into a house in Norwich. After the dizzy heights of Grafham Water, Cambs, the marshes were hard work, with only a handful of waders, black terns, marsh harriers etc to show for my efforts. I even missed a punk scarce special within a stones throw of my house, which was a bit frustrating, but them's the breaks.
In mid-August we moved to Strumpshaw, east of Norwich. We are only two minutes from Buckenham Marshes and Strumpshaw Fen, with Breydon a mere 15 minutes away and Winterton and the other NE coast sites only a little further. I am hopeful, therefore, to get my birding back on track this autumn. I now have no excuse...

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