Sunday 20 September 2009

The coast is clear

Gave Vicky the morning off and took Adelaide and Willow to Horsey Gap. Adz decided she wanted carrying the entire time, so I trudged south from the car park checking the cover along the way. Adelaide was unceremoniously plonked down if I saw anything worth investigating (which wasn't often, sadly). When I did put her down, she seemed quite happy picking up gravel as usual. After an uneventful half mile with migrants noticeable by their absence, I finally rejoiced at the sight of a Wheatear looking windswept atop a fence post on the dunes. Then, to the beach, where three Snow Buntings flew over and pitched on the strandline a little way off. Willow was happy in the surf, with a nearby bull Grey Seal keeping an eye on things. Very little moving past over the sea, a marked contrast to last weekend. I struggled back, with Adz now asleep in my arms. I will have biceps like Madonna if she carries on like this!

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