Saturday 21 November 2009

A month flew by

Lots of geese around now, with many Pinkfeet coming over the house in the morning or over the station on the way to work. Woodcock in the garden a couple of weeks ago and another down Pack Lane. Buckenham is hotting up with the first white-fronts arriving at the beginning of the month. A pair of adult Peregrines have been showing well regularly and a Merlin has been around. Up to 5 Snow Bunts gathered by the pool by the pump. A trip back to Cambs and the old patch of Grafham Water revealed 5 Great Northern Divers. Blimey, things have picked up since I left! Nice to do a bit of birding with Mark Hawkes and find out what has been going down.

Selfish couple letting their dogs run among the calving grey seals on Horsey beach, 21st Nov. Note the proximity of the seal pup and the lab eating afterbirth. Nice.

Regular adult female Peregrine, Buckenham 21st Nov.

Distant White-fronted Geese, Buckenham, 5th Nov.

One of the loons at GW 16th Nov.

Feral Barnies

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