Friday 6 May 2011

All work and no play, not necessarily bad

Too busy for any birding this week, but work gave me the chance to see the first summer female Subalpine Warbler at Spurn today, where I spent the day with some of my team, implementing the new admissions system. A nice bird, very showy at times usually when quiet, feeding along the sunny edges of the bushes near the warren. Very pale bird, with bluey grey head, though hard to judge in bright light. Very white underneath, and pale eyering and red orbital visible. Despite being trapped, overlap in biometrics has not made it possible to nail the bird apparently. Check out Martin Garner's site for more info
A steady passage of Swallows noted all day, with at least several hundred in the six hours I was there. Several Whimbrel over, plus 6 Yellow Wags south and my first Little Terns of the year (I don't get to the coast much!). And sunburn...:-)

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