Sunday 8 May 2011

a few bits

Worked again at a very quiet Spurn Point Saturday afternoon. Highlight really was a male Brown Argus, quite a cracking little butterfly.

Today went out to Flamboro' to work on the boat with Kat, but sadly it was cancelled. A lovely afternoon was had nevertheless, doing beach and rockpool stuff on North Landing beach. Very pleasant. Kids loved it too.

Tonight went to Wheldrake. Bit gripped by the news of a Grey Plover at Hes East! Greeted by the sound of a Corn Bunting singing from a bush just north of the bailey bridge - my first at WI. Scanning from the Tower area, I picked up two Greenshanks on the bund, followed by three smaller waders roosting on an island. I couldn't make these out really as they were facing me and in a heathaze, but by the time I got to Swantail they had gone, or were out of sight. Noted my first York Lesser Whitethroat on the way round, plus several Swifts. From Swantail, I picked up several Yellow Wags walking about on the vegetation, one of which was quite interesting, being very grey, with dark ear coverts, big white supercilia and white underparts apart from a bit of yellow around the legs. Presumably a female Blue-headed. A few Whimbrel were about and one Ringed Plover, but sadly it appeared Russell's Little Stint had gone. I walked back round picking up four waders in flight - Wood Sands! Cool. They dropped in and began feeding out from Tower Hide. One Gropper reeling and a smart Barn Owl ended a lovely evening. Nobody mention Collared Flycatcher!

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