Saturday 14 May 2011

Rare birds are rare, shocker

Birding a bit frustrating recently. Male Collared Flycatcher finally turned up within striking distance, c3 hours, at Holme in Norfolk. Sadly, I couldn't get there. Loads of other stuff turning up all over the place, including Rock Bunting (no, really) at Bolton Abbey, Calandra Lark at Gib Point, Great Snipe at Cley, Black Stork in Northants, and even a SOS Red-rumped Swallow at Bank Island, really inspired me to get out.

So, yesterday I took Sol down to Hes East, hoping for a good wader, or at the very least a Turnstone or something. Nope, 4 Dunlin.

Today, went back up there in the evening, full of anticipation, especially since the Broad-billed Sandpiper that was in Notts yesterday had gone... Nope, 2 Dunlin - even worse than yesterday. Feeling a little dismayed, I headed to Wheldrake.

The fun was being had near the bridge where some people had erected a gazebo and were blasting Grand Master Flash across the meadow. Surely there must be something on the Ings? Yes, a Ringed Plover. Not the Temminck's I'd hoped for. Peak season and I haven't even had a yeartick in over a week. Who is finding all the good birds? Not me, that is for sure. :-(

On the bright side, the skua passage has been incredible in the Outer Hebs and I will be there in 48 hours...

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