Tuesday 10 April 2012

Old Moor Wetlands

My first visit to the site since the RSPB took it on. Had a fun morning with the kids - the site is set up well for families, complete with playground, well surfaced paths, friendly staff, lots of stuff for the kids, even a family friendly hide with crayons and without grumbling photographers. The RSPB have really cracked this new hybrid country park/nature reserve thing. The cynical birder in me doesn't like this -too tame and well-organised- the Dad in me loves it - perfect for fitting a bit of birding round a day out with the kids. My only criticism was their raised pond which was stuffed full of Canadian pondweed. If this gets on a net and is then spread into other areas it will rapidly colonise the wetlands. Might be worth getting rid of it!
Saw 2 Avocets and heard a couple of Water Rails, otherwise quite quiet. Looked in vain through the hordes of BHGs for a rarer gull nd kept one eye on the sky for an Osprey or better, but to no avail. Oh, and a Stoat seen briefly. Hes East yesterday: Green Sandpiper, Swallow in the rain.

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