Saturday 1 March 2014

All's well...

A bit of a disasterous start when my birding was hampered by thick fog. The murk seemed to be held to the east of the Ouse and so I headed over to Rufforth just in time to see the t**t falconer turn up. There weren't many gulls showing from the road anyway, so I decided I'd take the browny points and head home early. In the afternoon, took Adelaide who has been busy learning 35 species of birds in her first bird book out to Askham Bog and then Acaster Ings. She tried out her new serious bins (despite being pink) and managed to get some good bins views of Great Tits and a Robin (see below). It is funny remembering actually how quick you need to be to get your bins on a fast moving small bird and then focus in. This is so natural now I don't even think about it, but it was a real struggle for Addie and only when a bird sat still for a while could she a. find it and b. focus on it. But she seemed to enjoy the challenge so we made a bit of headway. Not much of note in the Bog apart from my first singing Marsh Tit of the year and several Siskins. Afterwards, headed down to the floods at Acaster so Addie could tick off a few ducks. Quite a bit going on with c10 Wigeon, c10 Gadwall, 8 Goosanders, 2 Oyks and best of all, a sleeping Egyptian Goose by the church. This is the first I have had in the York area outside of the LDV. Back home and Addie made her first birdlist. Brilliant.

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