Saturday 1 March 2014

Spending time with the Grey Ghost

Whilst other birders were enjoying great non-stop Goshawk action elsewhere - see Northern Rustic here - I staked out the pair from the day before. I saw the male immediately on arrival cruising over the treetops just below the ridge. He dropped in to the area where I think there must be a nest and the female started calling loudly. I watched and froze for the next 2.5 hours without a further sighting, though there was plenty of calling, mainly fierce-sounding kek- kek- kek and a couple of times some wailing, which may have been the female soliciting the male. It was nice to see the area wake up with the rising sun. Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were much in evidence, a Grey Wag was blogging about and plenty of stuff was singing. At about 10.30 a pair of Buzzards carved the ridge prompting an immediate response by the female Gos who got airborne and soared around for a few minutes allowing good scope views. The Buzzards didn't hang around and sloped off west. The Gos quickly dropped back into cover. 20 minutes later and the Buzzards were back. This time the Gos pair were a little bit more annoyed and intercepted the buteos quite closely. Needless to say they again cleared off quickly. The female Gos soared up over the ridge and the male headed straight towards me and did three switchbacks for good measure - nice. I managed to grab a couple of photos before he looped back round and dropped in to the trees.

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