Thursday, 21 May 2020

20th May: World Bee Day!

Happy World Bee Day folks!

Bees need our help. They are suffering from widespread habitat loss, overuse of pesticides among many pressures. In our gardens, we can do a little bit to help. Here are some ideas:

Build a bee hotel - perfect for solitary species such as Red Mason Bees. Just collect a load of hollow stems (short lengths of Elder or Bamboo cane) and bundle together. Alternatively, drill a bunch of holes of varying sizes into a fence post. Easy!

Create a patch of bare earth in your flowerbed. Bees such as Tawny Mining Bee will love this.

Plant nectar and pollen rich wild flowers in your garden. Think about a sequence of flowering from late February through to the early autumn. Flowering shrubs and trees help, particularly early in the season and remember, native is always best.

Grab yourself Steven Falk's fantastic book which will help you identify the bees that visit.

Female Red Mason Bee completing the last cell in the tube. Each cell contains an egg which will hatch into a grub, which will feed on what Mum left for it, before pupating and emerging next spring.

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